RAID, The new dive agency

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RAID, the new agency that will revolutionize the world of diving

Today we are going to talk about the new diving agency DIVE RAID and all the advantages and disadvantages of being part of a new diving revolution. 

This new agency has entered the market with the highest expectations ever created and, like any new product, make really easy to the diving centers to affiliate and consolidate among the best recognized agencies in the world.

It was established in 2007 in Sweden for the formation of Poseidon rebreathers.rebreathers) Poseidon. In 2014 they had their biggest change, creating the recreational diving agency that we now know. Since then they've gone on to creat a 100% online and free training system, that some say, blows the bigger agencies out of the water. Currently, they offer the study material of ALL DIVING COURSES for FREE . (LINK). 

Con este sistema de aprendizaje digital pretende reducir las horas teóricas y aumentar las horas de formación en el agua, siendo la agencia de buceo que más horas de agua exige a sus instructores. La plataforma digital está perfectamente sincronizada con tus cursos, tu instructor y tu centro de buceo. Gracias a esto han reducido el uso de papel y plástico dando ejemplo de cómo seguir unas pautas ecológicas. 

At the end of 2020 they launched the new training manuals for instructors and instructor trainers, trainer which has revolutionized the world of diving. The new dive instructors course is adapted to today's world. Dive instructors usually complain about their course being outdated, uncomfortable and out of date especially when it is forced to sell products or continuing education or dive trips during each presentation no matter the topic. RAID has eliminated this practice by creating mandatory sales workshops, dive trips and continuing education, where you learn real skills.

In addition, they have created a new document known as "playbook" in which it explains ALL the skills of all recreational diving courses, being one of the most practical tools to use for instructors and divemasters.

Not only that, during the IDP the NITROX and DEEP40 specialties are compulsory, ensuring all the instructors who are trained with RAID will be specialised instructors of nitrox and Deep 40. A real step forward. During the practices of the course all skills are worked on in neutral buoyancy,eliminating the effect of getting on your knees, meaning future instructors should have exemplary buoyancy and this is not always the case. Far from it. This creates the best instructor development system in the world especially when new instructors have to start work, being vastly more prepared than at other agencies. ponerse de rodillas con futuros instructores que deberían tener una flotabilidad ejemplar y no siempre es así. Esto crea el mejor sistema de desarrollo de instructores del mundo especialmente cuando los nuevos instructores tienen que empezar a trabajar, estando enormemente más preparado que en otras agencias.


Looking for a disadvantage to this fabulous agency, we could talk about the fact that the website has an outdated appearance (they are developing a new one at full speed). The offer of dive centers that offer RAID is limited so that when it comes to finding a job as an instructor or divemaster it seems more complicated, but it is not like that, as there are fewer RAID instructors, competition between instructors is practically nil and all RAID instructors find employment. encuentran empleo.


In short, it looks very good. It seems that they will maintain the status of high quality since all instructors have to work affiliated with a dive center and not allowing the "freelance". Surely in the coming years they will grow a lot with respect to SSI and PADI since, in addition to everything, they are the cheapest diving agency of all. Check everything you need on their website

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