Koh Tao without motorbike

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Koh Tao without motorbike

 Have you never driven a motorcycle? Are you going to Koh Tao? If your answers are yes, this post interests you more than any. 

Today we are going to explain how you can move around the island of Koh Tao if you do not intend to rent a motorcycle. There are many reasons why you would not want to rent a motorcycle, today we are not going to discuss them, but among them could be having never driven a motorcycle, having no experience or simply fearing the famous scams of motorcycle rentals in Koh Tao.

The island is really small, with a main road that goes from north (Sairee) to south (Chalok) passing through the port (Mae Haad) and is only 6km long. This road has roads to the east and west, the longest being 2km

With this I want to emphasize that you can walk everywhere, the maximum distance being just over an hour walking. To give an example, from Freedom Beach in Chalok to Sairee Beach it takes about 45 minutes (4 km). From the port in Mae Haad to Sairee it is 15 minutes.

To move around Koh Tao without a motorcycle we have several options, from walking everywhere (the island is really small), bicycle and electric bike rental or taxi / motorcycle-taxi service. I'm going to explain each one so that you can decide the one that interests you the most.  


One of the issues that will most influence you during your stay on the island is the location of your hotel / resort…. Just arriving at the port of Koh Tao you will have multiple taxi drivers offering their services. If we have suitcases and no backpacks, I recommend using a taxi or booking a lodging near the port where you can easily walk. There are some resorts that offer "shuttle bus" service in which at fixed times they offer free bus service for their clients between the resort and different areas of Koh Tao.

Rent a bike/electric bike

In the same area of the port there is a shop called “Oli’s” that offers the service of renting bicycles at 150 thb per day and electric bicycles at 250 thb per day or 3000 thb per month. With the use of the bicycle we can move around the island perfectly, but I recommend the electric bicycle to help you climb those slopes that the island has.  

Get a taxi/moto-taxi

When we get to the island we will notice the hundreds of taxi drivers who offer their services shouting, being a fight to attract customers. It is a relatively expensive service since each way is usually a price around 400 thb, going and coming from Sairee to Mae Haad is 800 thb. It is a service that I recommend you to use on time, such as when you transport suitcases or want to go to a beach that has large slopes. There is a minority service of Thais who are offered as moto-taxi, they can be used at any time for around 100/150 thb one way.  

As you can see, it is perfectly feasible to travel to Koh Tao without a motorcycle. During all the years that I have lived in Koh Tao, many people make the decision not to rent a motorcycle and it is not a problem, if you live on the island for a few months there will always be that friend who will take you everywhere or easily move around by bike or walking. If you are going to dive in Koh Tao I recommend La Bombona Diving Koh Tao, it offers a pick-up service to the center by sidecar, but I also recommend that you reserve accommodation near the diving center so that the movements are easy and fast. If you are interested in learning more about the island, check my page to discover everything you need about Koh Tao. La Bombona Diving Koh Tao

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