Live the life of your dreams

"Man carries the weight of gravity on his shoulders, but it is enough for him to sink below the surface to make him free", Jacques Cousteau.

Become RAID Dive Master and enjoy a life under the sea


At LBD- La Bombona Diving we have a training that stands out for quality and professionalism. We train following strict standards that achieve an elite development for your Divemaster course. Divemaster.

Our goal is to become a professional diver so that you can lead certified divers, assist instructors, or start your RAID Instructor course. However, at La Bombona Diving we are a small family in which we feel more fortunate every day, so that, during your development as a professional diver, you will have a great time enjoying the tropical island lifestyle in Koh Tao.

Price: 36.000 Baht (course+ materials + specialities DEEP40 and NITROX) ->Deposit: 1.000 Baht


    • 18 years old

    • Be certified as a Rescue diver by a recognized agency.

    • Have a minimum of 15 hours and 45 dives. At least 35 dives after being an advanced diver.

    • Be certified as a NITROX and DEEP40 diver.

    • Have logged “navigation” and “night or limited visibility diving” dives.

    • Be certified as First Aid, CPR, DEA and oxygen provider.

    • Medical certificate specifying fitness to dive.


The ideal length of the course 6/8 weeks training

What includes the course?

    • Access to over 100 available RAID courses

    • LBD Divemaster crew pack

    • Complete diving equipment (WE DO NOT OBLIGATE TO BUY ANYTHING)

    • NITROX and DEEP40 specialities

    • Diving insurance for 2 months

Not included:

    • Accommodation and food

    • RAID Pro fee (210$ yearly)

What I get after the course?

    • Lead certified divers

    • Manage diving trips

    • Assists diving RAID diving instructor in the courses

    • Enroll in the RAID Dive Instructor course


Academic phase

During the course we will work on diving theory with different sessions so that your diving knowledge is superior to anyone with the same certification as you.

Practical phase

    • Part 1: Assistance and supervision

The first part of the DM course consists of working on your skills as a diver and as an assistant. You will attend Open Water20, Explorer30 or Advanced35 and Master Rescue students.

    • Part 2: Dive Leader

At this time you will begin to have a leading role, always accompanied by your instructor.


Price: 36.000 Baht (course+ materials + specialities DEEP40 and NITROX) ->Deposit: 1.000 Baht